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The Other Guys (2010)

The Other Guys (2010)


Mark Wahlberg
Will Ferrell’s

Directed by Adam McKay

I see this and understand why buddy cop movies always have one character all goofy/messed up and the other all well put together and serious – it helps with the balance. But when the two of them are all jacked up in silliness, the movie gets all out of whack.

This movie did not do well in the box office, but critics seem to like it which I do not understand. This movie did not have the needed comedy to warrant a re-watch is why it sucked at the box office. Secondly, it ended in a way that you can guess the producers were way to optimistic that they had a franchise in the making, well thank god it tanked.

The movie is meant to be a spoof about buddy cop movies, but the movie had one explosion too many. Add to that, enough gun shots to become redundant and the action scenes were unwarranted.

This is a movie about two people who should not be partners on screen for any reason. Saying that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg make a good pairing on scream is like saying the moon is made of cheese. Who ever thought this was going to work needs to answer me this question, why?

The plot is about partners who are in the shadow of another partnership who are so full of egos it killed them. Now there is room for another set of duos to be the top shot in the police force and Allen (Ferrell) and Terry (Wahlberg) wanted to be the new top shots. More of Terry wanting to be at the top and Allen just happy to be at his desk, but Terry drags him along.

They decided to investigate a burglary at a jewelry shop, which later turned to an arrest of a man we see in the beginning is owing $32 billion. Allen arrest him for some building permit violations when they were waylaid, their prisoner, their guns, car and shoes taken from them.

This pissed of Terry and even though his boss tells him and Allen to let the matter go, he drags Allen into his investigation and they bit hard, causing a big crack all around them and now they are in the middle of all the shit that is about to go down.

There are many movies that are too long and boring to matter and this movie the other guys is one of them. The movie seems to be more interested in action to make any sense and be so caught up in silliness to be cohesive. Sometimes it feels like you are watching two tales, one of a weird couple consisting of two buddy cops who are trying to partner up and another of a weird financial crime happening. When finally the two stories meet and probably the movie starting to make a little sense, the other cops who did not seem to care suddenly show up and the movie ends.

The ending had me with my hands in the air wondering what kind of nonsense have I suffered through in the name of entertainment.

Ferrell’s character (Allen) is as expected, he is weird, too involved in his own world and to stupid to understand how the world really works. Funny thing is, hot girls love him. Then we have Wahlberg’s character (Terry) who in most buddy cop formula is supposed to be the stable one, but he too is messed up in so many ways that I am sure a book has been written on such issues. Where people found the fun to rate this movie good is what I do not understand.


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