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Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)


Donnie Yen
Wu Yue
Vanness Wu
Scott Adkins

Directed by Wilson Yip

Wow! That is how I felt when I finished this movie. The first Ip Man movie is something magnificent and should be seen, the other two are good, but this last one is almost on the same level as the first. The fighting is for you to see. You have to see Bruce Lee (played by an actor) kick ass, and Ip Man kick more ass. They did not tag team against anyone, but I wish they did in this movie.

The final Donnie Yen Ip Man movie is worth seeing, if like me you went through all four in a day, you will be super-hyped to see another Donnie Yen movie.
Here is a thought, a film series that goes four films and still deliver each time. It is hardly done for four films in a series to be this good, but they pulled it off.

The film starts years after the third film. At this point Bruce Lee is now popular and has written his book. He is now showcasing his martial art for the world to see. Ip Man on the other hand is struggling handling the challenges of being a single father.

His son wants to follow in his footsteps, but Ip Man wants his son to get a good education. When Bruce Lee invites Ip Man to America to come see his fights. Ip Man goes with the aim of being able to find a good school for his son.

When he gets to America he learns that Bruce Lee his student is not well liked in the Chinese community. Also his hope of being able to get his son to come study in America is also not going as planned.

Elsewhere there is trouble with the leader of the Chinese community in Chinatown where Ip Man was. His daughter is having challenges in school, which Ip Man witnesses. This further complicates things in the whole movie. Because now, Ip Man has to deal with the influence of Bruce Lee on his students and then the Chinese community and their challenges with the law. How all this tied together is for you to watch and discover.

Did I mention Bruce Lee actor used nunchaku in this movie? He did and it was amazing.

In the end this film is the icing on the cake of everything. The story was better written and they added enough drama to carry the situation. The thrilling part of each turn in this movie is wondering what will Ip Man do, you would have guessed since you are already familiar with his character, but he does it with grace nonetheless.

Donnie Yen has done a film series that will be talked about in the future, and I am glad I went through all four films today.


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