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The Wild Bunch (1969)

The Wild Bunch (1969)


William Holden
Ernest Borgnine
Robert Ryan
Edmond O'Brien
Warren Oates

Directed by Sam Peckinpah

The Wild Bunch is one hell of a classic. The movie is one of the best western movies you can see and I have to be honest I was amazed by the pacing, the movie moved at such a fast pace that it gets you riled up to the point you wish you were shooting with them. Then you change your mind when you get to see the count of the casualties. This is one of those movies where the men start the battle shooting and the movie ended with the same men shooting their way out of the caged mess they were in.

The story of the movie is one thing, but the directing is another. The director (Sam Peckinpah) masterfully carried this movie so that there was never a dull moment. I did not need to skip forward at any moment to try and avoid boredom. The movie even at the fast pace that it was moving took time to give its characters depth and that helped form a sort of attachment as you watch a cat and mouse chase, which was the main plot.

It starts with the introduction of Bishop (William Holden) a gang leader of aging outlaws whose high days are behind them. Bishop got a new crew together and they are heading to rob a bank, this to Bishop was to be the last score, the one that will guide him to start retirement.

The bank robbery did not go as planned and that was because of Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan). Deke used to be a partner to Bishop until he got arrested and he was given a chance to repay his debt to society by helping the officers catch Bishop.

Bishop with his crew got away after the bank job challenge and now have to come up with something else to be their retirement plan. On their ride away from all that happen one of his men Angel learned that his former lover is now with a brutal corrupt Mexican General. It so happens on their way to where they were heading, they passed the Generals camp and Angel’s jealousy got them in more trouble. All this is happening while Deke and the men with him are still tracking down Bishop.

The movie is one of those movies you have to see to appreciate. The acting, shooting effects and cinematography is one to enjoy.
We do not get to see westerns anymore for one reason being, they are not big money makers. No matter how good they are, people are finding it hard to fall back in love with them. There have been talks for years about a remake of this movie, it is left to see if such remake will be done.


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