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Guns Akimbo (2019)

Guns Akimbo (2019)


Daniel Radcliffe
Samara Weaving

Directed by Jason Lei Howden

The film is a video game type of movie that takes everything happening to another level. The movie plot maybe lacking in many ways the element of common sense and the actions of the antagonist can be seen as overkill, but he is the bad guy and their actions (overkill or not) are irrelevant.

The movie was made for those who love video games. Also, for those who have missed seeing Rambo type combatants. Here our Rambo is a female who shoots a lot of people and never gets hit by a single bullet on multiple instances (not all the time).

In case you are looking for story depth to why anyone of the characters are so messed up like they are in this movie, get ready for some shallow explanation.

The movie takes place in what I will believe is an alternate reality kinda future where mankind has given up on things like wrestling, boxing and mma. No more make believe fights or fights that end with both opponents still alive at the end.
There is an underground fight stuff going on at the moment and it is called Skizm, in Skizm everything goes and players are allowed to use guns and what ever to kill their opponents. Skizm monitor fights with the use of hacked surveillance/traffic cameras and drones. The whole thing is then live streamed for anyone to connect and watch.

Skizm has a main player her name is Nix (Samara Weaving). Nix is a weapons expert and her main niche is guns. Now how does Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) comes into this, well Miles is an online troll who gets off hijacking people’s posts and insulting the whole lot of people commenting on that post.
He stumbles on to Skizm and immediately starts to do what he does best, trolling. As usual he went overboard for the fun of it, when he gets a message from someone with his IP Address. Fearing that his location has been compromised, he shuts his system thinking all is well and moves on.
He makes plans for the day and next, gets a knock on the door to reveal the people he has been insulting. Turns out they are the ones who run Skizm and they did not take kindly to trolls.

He thinking death has come knocking, was knocked out to wake up and find guns bolted to his two hands. He is given the instruction that to survive he has to kill Nix and we find out that Nix is actually not mentally stable with Miles supposed to be her last kill, she was motivated.

Now Miles has to survive as Nix is not playing around, she starts to hunt Miles and he starts to run.

The movie for me is average to say the least and do not go watching expecting more than the action of shooting and death all around.


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