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Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)

Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)


Jackie Chan
Michelle Yeoh

Directed by Stanley Tong

For me Police Story 3 or Super Cop is the height of the Police Story franchise. It is just as good as the first film if not better. Everything about Jackie in this film is crafted to make the viewer not want to miss a minute. As usual the stunts are amazing, the fight choreography is outstanding and to think that Michelle Yeoh also did her own stunts in this movie made me like it the more.

For me you cannot get through a list of Jackie’s best movies without passing through this one. The story is very engaging and it was nice to see the movie take a different path than Police Story 2, but similar to Police Story one. Like Police Story one the focus is on the story and how things evolve other than fighting.
This time they take Jackie out of the city and he is to play an undercover cop, who infiltrates a drug lord gang so as to bring him down from the inside.

The way the movie develops to an exploding climax which stays through until the end is something I enjoyed.

The movie starts with intro to the present challenge. There is a drug kingpin that has to be taken down and there is a need of a supercop who will be able to survive infiltrating the kingpins gang so they can take him down. Immediately Jackie was called to be on the case.
He was flown to China where he met Interpol inspector Yang (Michelle Yeoh), she was to aid with his infiltration and also aid in his survival. Jackie was to help the kingpins main man escape from prison to win his trust.

With one of the lamest prison escape, which I enjoyed the movie more for because they did not hide it and made the escape seem so silly. Jackie was able to get into the gang and soon he was able to get Yang in too, as she too was undercover. Now both must survive the erratic gang leader and also bring down his empire.

In the end the movie was a critical success, which paved the way to a fourth film in the series. Unlike the first two films (Police Story and Police Story 2), Jackie is not on the director's sit. The movie does follow the story of Jackie in the first, but sadly we do not get to see some of the cast from the first two films in their usual roles.
Also this is where we say goodbye to the May character played by Maggie Cheung who has been Jackie's girlfriend from the first film. She did not die mind you, she just didn't feature in any of the other movies after this.

The magnificent performance of Yeoh led to her starring a year later in the spin-off called Supercop 2 and it features a cameo appearance by Jackie Chan.

There is no reason not to see this movie. The way the plot is crafted, you can watch this as a standalone film without seeing the first two (Police Story and Police Story 2) films in the series.


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