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Scent of a Woman (1992)

Scent of a Woman (1992)


Al Pacino
Chris O’Donnell

Directed by Martin Brest

Scent of a Woman is just a classic that if you have not seen, yet you are missing out on one of the best movies Al Pacino has ever done till date. I am not talking down on his performances in The Godfather (1972), The Godfather II (1974) or in Scarface (1983) because in those he also outdid himself. And all three along with this have reached classic status. I guess it is safe to say that Al Pacino has had his hands on many classics.
The movie is well written and the pace of the movie is steady with some fine cinematic moments to remember. The movie boast of a clear cinematography with beautiful sites of New York.
The ending when Pacino’s character Frank had to stand up for Chris O’Donnell character Charlie, get ready for some fantastic performances and beautiful words.

I also got to enjoy the musical score which is in the soothing arena as things go down, and the director kept the movie focused on what is happening rather than making us feel sorry for Frank. We get to understand why he is doing what he is doing after his blindness, and we are left to either feel sorry for him or be angry at him for wanting to take the easy way out of things. Something he himself said he is guilty of doing in the ending when he had to stand up for Charlie.

The movie plot is about a blind retired army Lt. Colonel Frank, who lives with his niece and has been nothing but trouble for her and her family. She hires a young student to watch over him as she is going away for a short while.
Charlie, who is going to a prep school before heading off to college. Unlike the others in the school who have rich parents, Charlie is there on a scholarship and took the job to be able to care for himself.
The moment his niece is out the door, Frank sweeps Charlie away with him on a trip to New York, where it is obvious that Frank has an itinerary of things he wants to do.
The whole New York trip was an eye-opener for both of them. Frank who is struggling to get a grip of his now life learns something new and Charlie who is having issues in school also learns to be a man and stand up for what he believes in.

Chris O’Donnell’s performance in this movie is also something worth commending him for. This movie is a remake of an Italian film in 1974 called Profumo di donna, which in turn is based off a book called Il buio e il miele by Giovanni Arpino.

Pacino won the best actor at the Academy Awards for this movie and the movie was nominated for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Screenplay. At the Golden Globes it won Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Pacino) and Best Motion Picture – Drama.

I do have a single critic to this movie which is I feel it is very long, other than that I do not see why you should not see it again.


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