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Wheels on Meals (1984)

Wheels on Meals (1984)


Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao

Directed by Sammo Hung

The combined efforts of the men who made Project A a masterpiece, Jackie Chan (as Thomas), Sammo Hung (as Moby) and Yuen Biao (as David) are also present in this film. Between the three of them who went to school together when they were young, this is one of numerous critics favorites.
The three can also be found in starring roles in three out of the seven Sammo Hungs Lucky Stars franchise.

This movie showcases magnificent martial arts in the highest level and you will enjoy the story of how the movie moved from food sellers to heroic buddies who want to save a girl they have fallen for.

The movie shows us these two men (Thomas and David) who run a fast food van in Barcelona (where the movie was shot). David does the food prep and Thomas does the delivery.
A little rivaly brewed between the two friends when a lady named Sylvia came in between them. Sylvia is not who she pertains to be.
After a series of events led to Sylvia being in trouble, they run into Moby a private detective and the three work together to get Sylvia out of trouble.

The movie had one of the most amazing fight scenes you will see, the one that happened between professional kickboxing champion Benny Urquidez and Jackie Chan.
This is a good movie worth seeing, one I can be sure you will like to see again so it is in my words a keeper.

The movie production has a funny superstition, Golden Harvest didn’t want the name of the movie to be Meals on Wheels. That would have made more sense since Chan’s character delivers the meals on skates. They did not want the name of the movie to start with M because they believe that will result in the movie being a box office flop.
Maybe it was their superstition working in their favor that made this movie a success, we will not know. Or may be it was the grand writing with Sammo Hung directing in addition to the fantastic acting plus Chan’s action directing that made this movie a success, we will not know. The point is the movie was a success, critically and commercially.

The movie spawned successful comic books and video games. It became a lucrative franchise and like some of this foreign movies it had a different release name in other countries. The franchise became known as Spartan X.


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