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Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

Josie and the Pussycats (2001)


Rachael Leigh Cook
Rosario Dawson
Tara Reid
Alan Cumming
Parker Posey

Directed by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan

There is something about the silliness of this movie, I don’t know whether it is the comedy or the music that just makes me like it so much. Josie and the Pussycats is based on a comic series from the Archie range and this live adaptation has somehow become a cult classic.
I do not know why this has gathered a cult following, because this movie put product placement like way too much which at times can be distracting. I am no mega star, but the way the fans act sometimes can be all too annoying. Other than that, the plot is not perfect, yet everything else seems to work.
If you remove the product placements and the misbehaving fans, to me this is a fun movie.

The plot shows us the three ladies Josie (Cook), Valerie (Dawson) and Melody (Reid) as they are wrapping up a performance. They so wish they could become rock stars and have the kind of following that other rock stars have. On the other side of the fence we witness a supposed plane crash of an all male group as their manage Wyatt (Cummings) noticed that the band was getting close to understand what Wyatt and his boss Fiona (Posey) are actually doing.

Fiona tells Wyatt to get a new band by all course and while driving he almost hit the three ladies, as they were running away with their instruments. Immediately Wyatt signs them without even hearing any of their music. He rushes them to the studio and in a week they were the most popular band in the world.

Soon we get a glimpse of what Fiona is actually doing with their music and she wanted to take it to the next level by eliminating Valerie and Melody, that will make Josie the solo person. Well, all this plans of Fiona faced a challenge and the movie is partly about that snag.

Tara Reid’s performance as way too silly to understand half of the things going on is a site to see for yourself. My favorite act of hers, is stepping out of the shower to see a message on her mirror, she screamed and then corrected the message to make it look pretty. I just giggled seeing that again. Everyone in this movie performed just well enough to make this fun to watch.
Reid was my best person in the trio of she, Rachael Leigh Cook and Rosario Dawson. Then the addition of the other two people Alan Cumming and Parker Posey took this movie to the next level.

The movie was not a box office success, in fact a box office bomb, but it is a worthy comedy for any day. The movie is about subliminal messages which makes us like things we shouldn’t. For me to like this film this much a friend thinks the movie itself has subliminal messages and I have been hoodwinked.
Well, seeing this movie again nineteen years after seeing it for the first time I still believe it is cool, it has aged well for me and it is more enjoyable now knowing many of the actors on screen.

If you have read this review and believe this is a movie for you, then why not go ahead and see it.


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