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Legally Blonde (2001)

Legally Blonde (2001)


Reese Witherspoon
Luke Wilson
Selma Blair
Matthew Davis
Victor Garber
Jennifer Coolidge

Directed by Robert Luketic

Based on a 2001 novel of the same name by Amanda Brown, Legally Blonde was the movie that made the name Resse Witherspoon stick to my memory. The movie to me has her dowsed in sparkles of wonder, as she outshines all of her co-stars and makes the movie hers.

I totally enjoyed the character Witherspoon portrayed, Elle Woods and enjoyed the way she was crafted. She was not written to be a blonde so dumb she cannot navigate her way through life. She was blonde, but smart, goal oriented getting and a true lady. She has this element of luck always being by her side as she navigates through life with one aim in mind in this movie, get her ex-boyfriend back.

The movie plot is quite different from the book in some ways. But in this here movie Elle Woods is blonde, wealthy and a sorority girl with the brains to follow. She finished school with a 4.0 GPA which for the way she talks and act, you will not believe that.
She has been in a long relationship with her boyfriend who also happens to be the governor's son, Warner Huntington III.

On the day Elle expected things to be taken to the next level she gets the shock of her life, Warner wants the relationship to end. To him Elle may be beautiful and smart, but she will always be an obsessed fashion lady, whose view of life is like that of a child. He wanted someone more focused and to him more serious to suit his plans for the future. Now all the things he thinks Elle is, she is and he leaving her and going to Harvard to get a degree is something Elle will not take. She loves Warner and she is ready to do anything to get him back.

Now the movie then enters a new realm, she actually gets herself into Harvard and the experience made her mature and changed her life forever.

The movie was such a huge financial success (making over $141 million on a $18 million budget) and threw Witherspoon into the spotlight.
It had Golden Globe nominations in the category of Best Motion Picture and Best Actress – Comedy.

The movies critical and financial success led to Elle Woods coming back for a sequel done two years after.
This movie is one of the best (in my view) court drama there is, the added comedy that comes with this movie did not distract the drama. I enjoyed how Woods stood up for herself against a sexual assault and used what she knew in fashion to get ahead.

Legally Blonde is a classic comedy, one if I get to have lady children I will want them to see.


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