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Police Story 2 (1988)

Police Story 2 (1988)


Jackie Chan
Maggie Cheung
Charlie Cho

Directed by Jackie Chan

Police Story II is good but not as good as the first Police Story and the story follows the aftermath of what happened in the first film.
It is not that there were not good fights in Police Story 1. The fight at the end when he had to be held back, before he beat everyone up was just amazing. But if you want to see Jackie do some amazing fighting skills, jumping and moving gracefully while doing things you can only dream of, Police Story II has it in loads. The best part is you do not have to wait long to see it. Just sixteen minutes in and Jackie is already vexed and begins to make the bad guys pay. Even though I felt the first fight scene was not a fair fight, five average goons versus Jackie Chan, come on!

The movie has Maggie Cheung’s character May pay a more prominent role in this sequel. The movie plot as said, continues from where the first one stops and has the bad guy working hard to make Jackie’s life a living hell. Stressing him out and making his love life unbearable. May in this movie, seemed to be at the end of most of the problems Jackie faced in this movie, making her fed up of being with him.

The movie also had a second plot running concurrent with the first, as Jackie had to deal with his pending problems from the first film. There is a bombing gang terrorizing the city and Jackie who has been assigned a team now, have to find and stop these gangs before they kill more people.

You will be throwing your hands in the air when you see the stunts in the fights. This movie has some very creative fighting choreography and the movie’s fast pace with a less emotional undertone than the first is what makes this action flick fun. This would have been better than its predecessor if the story was just as good, but the action and Jackie Chan being the fun loving slick fighter we all know and love, makes up for the lack of a good story. The movie also has some heavy duty policing going on, undercover work, surveillance and high tech stuff which were available in the 80s.

In the end the movie was a success critically, and if you saw the first movie and liked it, you will like this one too. One thing that comes to mind whenever I remember this movie is the deaf-mute man who finds joy in hurting others with tiny fire bombs. Another things is when the police officer ladies were interrogating the bad guy who felt he was in control of things, until the ladies did a number on him.

The movie is written and directed by Chan just as the first film.

Much longer than the first film (two hours), this cut I watched, but worth every minute.


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