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Twin Dragons (1992)

Twin Dragons (1992)


Jackie Chan
Maggie Cheung
Nina Li Chi
Teddy Robin

Directed by Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark

Here is a movie from the 90s that I totally forgot what happened in it until I saw it just now. Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragon is a very forgettable movie with a plot that lacks excitement. To add to that, the way the movie portrays its cast as silly, makes it even harder to recommend this movie.

I guess this is someone’s idea that the only thing better than one Jackie Chan in a movie is two.
What you would expect is for such an idea to work will be a good script and outstanding effect, since Jackie will be playing two roles.
What we got instead is a weak a script which had only one focus, give Chan as much screen as possible. Which cost the movie, cause now all the plot holes and bad directing was obvious for all to see. Include the all so glaring poor special effect which was so cheesy it ended up making the whole twin thing just silly.

That aside the only way you can make it through this movie is the silliness of the same characters which brought some comedy and the action is also bearable.

The movie starts with one of the lamest escape attempt on screen. A gangster was being wheeled in a hospital, when he saw an opportunity to escape. Somewhere else twins were just delivered to a happy couple when this gangster enters their ward and takes one of the twins to further his escape.
In the end, the child, Boomer (Chan) ends up with a drunk who raised him in the streets and the other, John (also Chan) was raised by his parents. John went to expensive schools and became a music composer while Boomer became a mechanic.

Now grown, the two seem to be the best at what they do, but when John came to Hong Kong where Boomer was something weird starts to happen. Whatever Boomer was feeling, John felt it too and vice versa.
While John is being prepped to marry a lady named Tammy, who is interested in tough guys. Boomer was in trouble with some gangsters because his best friend is in love with a lady (Barbara) who does not know he exists.

Boomer’s troubles brought him and John within closer proximity of one another and soon we start to see a case of mistaken identity happening. With both making things worse for the other when they are mistaken for one another.

In the end this is not one Chan’s best movies and it will make you wonder why he agreed to it with such lame effects and weak script.
I do not know if the movie was a box office success, what I do know is that if you want to see a good Jackie Chan comedy or action film, this is not the way to go.


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