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Saint Frances (2019)

Saint Frances (2019)


Kelly O'Sullivan
Ramona Edith Williams

Directed by Alex Thompson

Saint Frances is my kind of movie. It did not end in the way movies normally end. Here even when our lead gets a breakthrough there isn’t an automatic change in life style. She does not immediately find a guy or runs back to an old one to define herself.
Her meeting Frances did change her life in the way that it made her appreciate it.

For me all the movie was about is learning to roll with the punches. I enjoyed her conversation with her mum which made her appreciate existence. Then she discovers herself, without losing the lessons she has gathered along the way. The movie delves into very weighty issues like pregnancy, abortion, postpartum depression and employer – employee dynamics.

How talking is one way to deal with things instead of just trying to wish it all away.

The movie is about Bridget, who is 34-years-old and is not in any relationship. She is having that challenge of finding the best thing that works for her when it comes to relationship without having to lie about who she is.
Bridget wants a new job and applies for one as a nanny to a lesbian couple. She eventually gets the job and she is told she is employed to care for their first child Frances.

Frances is six and she is very inquisitive and troublesome. One of her mothers just gave birth to another child and she is struggling to deal with it. Frances and Bridget relationship starts and develops the same way a nanny and child relationship goes, but Bridget has her own challenges. She started a purely sexual relationship with a man and gets pregnant, Bridget is someone who doesn’t want a child and this situation is tense for her and she believes that abortion is the way for her.

The movie handles all the challenges at once moving from one to the other with grace and kudos goes to Kelly O’Sullivan who plays Bridget and wrote the screenplay to this movie. I do not know if this movie is somehow biographical, but it does feel like it is.
It touches the subjects softly and guides the viewer with some cool musical score to make the movie go down well.

Here is a movie I hope will not be one of those where many people overlook because there is no named writer, actor or director attached to it. Some of the best movies don’t.


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