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Gorgeous (1999)

Gorgeous (1999)


Jackie Chan
Shu Qi

Directed by Vincent Kok

What was this?
Gorgeous makes me feel, like I wasted my money, time and precious existence. I finished watching this movie and marked it as something never to see it again. This is one of the most horrible movies you can see, also one of the worst Jackie Chan films I have seen. Jackie Chan decided to put the action on the back sit and dive into a romantic comedy as a character so annoying that you do not wish him well.

Then there is his co-star, she is so not in this movie. Her acting feels like it is decades behind when it comes to pulling out a convincing performance as a love interest. Put that side by side with Jackie Chan’s annoying character you have a movie you wish the people never met.
The story in this movie is weak and the chemistry is just not there, nothing in this movie worked.

The movie is about a young girl who lives in Taiwan and comes about a message in a bottle. The message was so romantic that she leaves home flies to Hong Kong where the message is from to find the writer, (I wonder which planet exist where that is possible).

When she does, she discovers that they can never be anything between them and as she continues he way through Hong Kong she meets a wealthy man named C.N. (Jackie Chan).

The two fall for one another. But their different background is one of their challenges. Also in the movie so that Chan can throw a punch, we have his rival who also owns a company. They meet regularly to slog it out.

In the end, the movie is a predictable run which leaves you wondering, what did I just watch?
The movie has no saving grace, even the fighting was not good enough to the level to which we know Chan can deliver.
Then there was that end scene when Chan had to read a message from his love so as to inspire him to fight, oh my God that was so awkward and the message itself is so stupid. It was like the writers were tasked to come up with a line on the spot and that was the best they could do. So they used the line midway into the movie, and probably felt too late to change it now and used it at the end.
When I first heard the line, it felt like an inspiration to break my TV.

What a total waste of time.


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