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Rob-B-Hood (2006)

Rob-B-Hood (2006)


Jackie Chan
Louis Koo
Michael Hui
Charlene Choi

Directed by Benny Chan

Rob-B-Hood is supposed to be Chan’s break from character, he wanted to stop being the good guy in movies and for us to see him be a bad guy for once. Now if you plan to see this movie don’t be afraid that it does not have the regular Jackie Chan fun of action comedy, it has a lot of it. It is just that Chan’s character is a man who has a gambling problem, is not close to his family and he kidnaps a baby.

For me Chan did a fantastic job in this movie, putting his acting ability to the test and coming out on the other side victorious.
I also like the story of the movie, which stuck to the idea of what Chan wanted, he remained the bad guy in the movie, but he was up against other worse guys. We see his struggle of trying to do the right thing for a child he kidnapped.

The movie shows us two men, Thong (Jackie Chan) and Octopus (Louis Koo) both are burglars and we see them at work as they robbed a hospital.
The landlord where they live was having a tough time and he got a contract from the triads to kidnap a baby. Needing the money he contracts Thong and Octopus to assist on the job who were not thrilled with the outcome of kidnapping a baby. Their getaway was facing a challenge with the police after them, Thong and Octopus got away, leaving the stuck landlord to be arrested. He tells them that they should care for the child until his release. For he was arrested for speeding.

It was this waiting for him to come that has the movie changing sides, we get to see Thong and Octopus try to be good caregivers to this child. It affected their lives and were forced to change the way they see things while waiting for the landlord. Who still is bent on giving up the baby for money.

How things ended up when the landlord got out, is what you have to see when you go see this movie.

The movie is the first in decades to have Chan play a negative character, involved in some terrible scheme.
The movie is well produced and even though the focus of the movie was more on the characters and not the action, it was still fun to watch. Although the movie is quite long for the story it is trying to tell, much of this extended scenes occurred in the child caring and the fights.

Watchable fun.


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