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Dragons Forever (1988)

Dragons Forever (1988)


Jackie Chan
Sammo Hung
Yuen Biao

Directed by Sammo Hung and Corey Yuen

Dragons Forever is one Jackie Chan movie that does not meet up. The story in the movie is lacking on so many angles and just makes up for it in the end when the three friends had that fight in the factory.

I believe this was the last time Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao worked together as leads in a movie.

My main challenge with this movie is the story. The three men did not play their regular roles in the movies we have come to know them for. In here Jackie is a ladies man and a lawyer who seem to have little to no moral compass. Then we have Wong (Hung) who plays a man who deals in selling weapons to bad guys who want to commit crimes. Then there is Tung (Biao) who plays a mentally unstable character who is good with gadgets.

Jackie is the link between the other two, each knowing him and not the other. In one of Jackie’s cases he is trying to help a gangster who deals in drugs and other things to buy a fishery from a woman. In other to discredit the lady, Jackie hired his two friends separately one was to bug the apartment (Tung) and the other to get close to her (Wong).

It just so happens the two meet in the ladies apartment and everything went upside down from then on.

Jackie has his case to handle, his two friends getting into each others way to deal with and to add to it, he has fallen in love with the ladies cousin.

The movie wasted so much time trying to sell the romantic relationships that there is a huge chunk of the movie that amount to nothing.

One thing that you will enjoy in this movie is the fight in the ending. I don’t think I have ever seen Biao move so fast, fluid and do some acrobatic stunts that goes beyond understanding. Also in the end we get to see Jackie take on Benny Urquidez, which like in Wheels on Meals (1984) was fun to see. Both always seem to be evenly match and it always end with Jackie getting as beat up as Benny. Notably Wheels on Meals (1984) also starred the three leads here, Jackie, Hung and Biao.

It will be hard to recommend this movie based on the last fights alone. Everything else about this movie did not work and it seemed to drag for too long in the middle. Why not look out for Jackie movies which have good story plus good fights.


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