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Lady Bird (2017)

Lady Bird (2017)


Saoirse Ronan
Laurie Metcalf
Tracy Letts
Lucas Hedges

Directed by Greta Gerwig

Lady Bird is one of those movies that is just too amazing not to have seen. The movie at the time of release was considered one of the best movies of that year, now that I am just seeing it three years after, I have to agree. I can bet it can arguable be catalog as one of the best movies of its decade.
This is one of the best films to see, if you are in the mood for some coming-of-age drama. The performances alone by Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf is one you have to see to admire. Their dynamic just gels on screen, they formed a perfect pair.
Then add to it the script to which they were acting to, the plot and the screenplay just melts on the screen and takes you along with. The dynamic between the two actor is amazing and Greta Gerwig who wrote and directed the movie made sure we felt all the drama.

The movie sets a realistic tone of what self discovery is like and the challenges faced between mothers raising teenage daughters. Even though you used to be a teenager yourself trying to police things to make your children grow up better than you did will never be an easy task. I bet if many of us ask our parents they will let us know how difficult it was raising us.

This movie is about Christine (Ronan) who gave herself the name Lady Bird. She is about to graduate High School and go to college. Christine is having a hard time with her mother Marion (Metcalf) who just wants the best for her daughter, but both of them cannot seem to meet anywhere in the middle.

Christine goes to a Catholic High School and she is going through the times with her best friend Julie. Dealing with her mother is one thing, she also has to deal with the challenges of wanting to be far away from her as possible, which made her seek college far from home in another state. This is something her mother does not want, but Christine was able to work her father to help her apply, to her she may not get accepted so why bother her mum about it.

Christine faces challenges with her boyfriend who was going through something on his own, she also falls in with the wrong crowd which made her and Julie’s relationship end. How Christine will navigate through everything that is happening in her life and build things back up with Julie is a ride best left for you to see.

I like the way the movie ended, I like the way the movie leaves us to think of how mother and daughter will sort themselves out.

The movie was a critical and commercial success plus it got numerous accolades over 200 nominations across many award giving committees mostly for Gerwig, Ronan and Metcalf. The three got Academy Awards and BAFTA nominations.
In the Golden Globes where the three also got nominated, Ronan won in her category for Best Actress and Lady Bird won Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Lady Bird is good movie to see and one you will be glad you did.


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