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Project A Part II (1987)

Project A Part II (1987)


Jackie Chan
Maggie Cheung
Rosamund Kwan
Bill Tung

Directed by Jackie Chan

In the second part of Project A Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao who were with Jackie in the first film where they were like a trio are not in this movie.
Jackie Chan plays Sergeant Dragon Ma once again in this movie and the action choreography like in the first film earned Chan an award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

The film is majorly a action comedy, where Chan's character is a little more on the funny side that he was in the first film.
Although the movie was not as good as the first film, the script to me was a much improvement. Unlike the first where there seem to be a lot of things happening and so much unintended twist, this was easier to follow.

The sequel starts with some of the pirates which escaped from the first film, gather on an island to plot revenge on Dragon Ma.
Ma is made a superintendent and is to replace the former superintendent who is being suspected of staging some of his supposed victories against criminals.

Ma is way over his head in this town, as the kingpin there has every officer under Ma in his pocket.
The movie then makes Ma a somewhat hero, inspiring his officers to turn over a new leaf.
Ma's changing stuff in the town did not go down well with the criminals and things were arranged to soil his name.

With a kidnapping happening, Ma's name soiled and the pirates out for revenge Ma is in a lot of trouble, which you have to see the movie to see how he manages to handle everything.

The movie was not as successful in the financial realm like the first, but it was a critical success none the less. The movie was directed, written by Jackie Chan who was also the action director.

I did end up missing Hung and Biao’s character in this movie, and I even though I enjoyed this movie, I felt the clumsy script of the first added to the entertainment. Chan’s new duo, were two ladies who I can say, did enough to cover the hole left by the missing duo of the first film.

Jackie Chan did not spare any jump of falls in this movie, giving us magnificent martial art skills and nice stunts which did not result in any major injury like the Clock Tower stunt of the first film.

Like the first film this film pays homage to classic slapstick comedy one of which I recognized is that of Buster Keaton, from the 1928 movie Steamboat Bill, Jr.. The scene is where a wall falls on Jackie, but he was not injured because he is standing exactly where the window of the wall is.

After seeing Project A (1983) I will ask you to go ahead to see this.


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