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Widows (2018)

Widows (2018)


Viola Davis
Michelle Rodriguez
Elizabeth Debicki
Cynthia Erivo

Directed by Steve McQueen

If Viola Davis is going to be in a movie, you have to expect a ground shaking performance. She was outstanding and she so wore the role so well that you forget you are watching a fictitious tale. Worth noting is the way the plot unfolds gently and engulfing you in the process.

Heard of this movie back in 2018 when it was released. Did not care to watch it because the plot seem so similar to other things I have seen. I just didn’t know no better.
This movie is very unique in its own way of crafting this down on their luck nobodies (three ladies) wanting to be criminals. These ladies are widows of a thieving who died leaving their wives in debt.

I have to appreciate the work done by the director Steve McQueen, who also co-produce and co-wrote the screenplay to this movie based on a British TV series in the 80s. The movie also boast of some fine performances by the other ladies in Viola’s crew. Viola in this movie plays Veronica, the wife of the ring leader of thieves.

The movie starts with us meeting Veronica and her husband Harry (Liam Neeson). Harry as said is the leader of a thieving crew and we watch as their plans go down in flame. All the four men are dead leaving behind their wives to mourn.
Veronica was still in mourning when a mob leader comes knocking on her door. He informs her that Harry’s last job was that he stole from him. Worse, since the job did not go well he is out $2 million. He does not want to know how, all he wants to know is that when the time comes Veronica better have his money.

Veronica gets a safe deposit box key, which Harry had left her in case anything happens to him. She uses it to discover a book which is where Harry keeps record of things. Not knowing what to do, she reaches out to the other widows, only two cared to respond. She tells them, they better join up with her as she does not want anyone of them to die. They have to come up with a way to get the money before the time given runs out.

How everything turned on its head at the last moment is what this movie showcases. How each lady grew based on their problem is also one thing this movie boast of.

Widows is outstanding, the cast are relentless in their delivery of their roles and the movie is so memorable. Here is one movie you can see now, keep to see again.


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