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Last Seen Alive (2022)

Last Seen Alive (2022)



Gerald Butler

Jamie Alexander


Directed by Brian Goodman


It is a wanna be movie mashup of almost every other movie you have seen that has to do with some kind of kidnapping. It is like they have these movies not worth seeing in a store and have decided that 2022 is the year we are going to dump them on the movie lovers.

First thing to note about this movie is the chemistry that seems to be lacking in everyone. The whole flash back scenes which were meant to show us the history and chemistry between the couple, only ended up being a nuisance. The movie has one thing though, everything in it happens fast, just like a magician trying slight of hand to make you think something is happening on one hand, while fooling you with another. Then instead delivers a trick you already know how is done and you can think of many ways he could have done it better.

The movie is about a couple going through some challenges because of infidelity they are Will (Gerard Butler) and Lisa (Jamie Alexander). While the movie tries to make you think this has something to do with anything. Lisa gets kidnapped while the two were trying to rekindle their marriage by taking a road trip to her hometown. Lisa goes to the gas station when they make a stop and never returns.

Will calls the cops and they start a search, but Will was able to discover that the gas station had a camera which would have captured everything after roughing up the owner, he takes the DVR to the police station, and they view it. And see Lisa getting kidnapped by someone she knew.

Will uses the information of who the person was to try and track Lisa while the cops also did the same, everyone trying to save Lisa.

This movie is not one I think anyone should be bothered about seeing. It made no impact to my Sunday viewing days and would have been best if I never knew it existed.

The story and scenes don’t gel, and everyone played a role so independent of one another that when the movie tries to fix them all together in the end, it was just impossible.

The whole taking bits and pieces from every movie and trying to reshape it to suit its own story was also annoying. And it turned out that the characters who had little to do with the main storyline seem to have put down the best performances and the well-paid ones, just did nothing to make this movie memorable.


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