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Rocky III (1982)

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Rocky III (1982)


Sylvester Stallone
Talia Shire
Carl Weathers
Burgess Meredith

Directed by Sylvester Stallone

Rocky III is missing one thing that the first two Rockys have, which is… a well choreographed fight. The fight we saw him deal out to Apollo in Rocky and Rocky IIshowed so much emotion and finesse that you will almost believe that you are viewing a real fight. But instead of sticking to the formula that works, here we see Rocky go through a transformation, from a heavy hitter to a fighter which moves on his feet. This transformation made it easy for him to take on his competitor, but the screenwriter (which happens to be Stallone himself) just focused more on the transformation rather than the fight itself.

This was the Rocky film that introduced the theme song we all love and are use too when we think about the Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa, "The Eye of The Tiger" written by The Survivors on Stallone's request.

Directed and written by Stallone this third movie in the Rocky series is a drag to me, all the drama that made the first two enticing is all gone, making this flick move in such quick sessions that you wonder if this movie was written in a rush with the sole aim of getting money off fans.
Or you can say that, as it was released same year as First Blood, probably the lead was too busy to dish out quality work, like when he was free in the time he made the first two.

The movie plot is about Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) in his yea days. His finances are now better managed and his son had grown. Rocky has been able to keep his belt and title by knocking out any contender, but things turn south when a contender named Lang, approaches Rocky for a fight.

Mickey his manager doesn’t want him to take the fight because he feels Rocky will lose, but Rocky wants to, as he believes he can win. So both eventually meet in the ring and Rocky lost.

After the lost Rocky is approached by Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) who decides to train Rocky ready for the rematch fight, the training will focus mostly on Rocky’s speed rather than his hits.

The introduction of Mr T. as James "Clubber" Lang the motor mouth, ruthless, egotistic fighter that knocked out Rocky in the early minutes of the film, was actually fun to see and you get to also see in the cast by Hulk Hogan (the wrestler).

The movie was a financial success, but was not near as positively received as the first two were. It does fall short in the drama and the fight scene fun from the first two, but Stallone the writer tried to cover that up by making one time enemies friends.

Well to me the Rocky collection is not complete till you have seen the first 4, so make sure you do.


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