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Rush Hour 3 (2007)

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Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker

Directed by Brett Ratner

Why must Producers milk a cow dry, till a franchise is worth less than a B-Movie?
When movie makers decide to over drag a movie it makes you wonder why such a plague has been allowed to continue and no one has even bothered to search out a cure. It is never your place to tell a man what movie he will make or not, but we the fans can help matters by actually airing our views about such.

My stand is that a movie like Rush Hour that pulled out an awesome combination of martial art action and comedy, should have been laid to rest after the release of Rush Hour 2in 2001, the truth is movies like Mad Max, Die Hardand Lethal Weapon dragged for too long till the last movie made about the lead actor or actors ended up just being a mediocre, (Mad Max 3, Die Hard 5 and Lethal Weapon 4).

Moving forward, the first Rush Hour was a form of a classic it pulled the stops and made sure that you the viewer will be laughing all the way to the bank, the second was just bull and watching the errors that the actors made during filming was more interesting to see than the movie itself.
The worse thing about this movie I can remember is Zhang Jingchu who portrays Soo-Yung Ambassador Solon Han daughter, she was the worst thing to be seen on TV as she doesn’t even have an idea what it means to be a convincing actor.

Now the script is where the high jump bar lays, and how this movie failed to scale it, an assassination attempt by the Triads was on Ambassador Solon Han and Lee (Jackie Chan) was present at the shooting and he chased the culprit to the street till he finally caught with him only to discover it is a childhood friend.

Chris Tucker was annoying this flick, and Jackie Chan was just not in form, making both look like they were forced to take the roles we are seeing them in.
I don’t get…? After such a bad performance, anybody will think the producers will now kill the franchise, but that is not to be as talks are circling around that a Rush Hour 4 can be done soon. I guess cash is now the motivation why this franchise is being continued; because as of now i have lost any interest I may have had to see a new Rush Hour.

My conclusion is that, see Rush Hour 1and 2, then stop this is nowhere worth viewing.


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