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Snitch (2013)

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Snitch (2013)


Dwayne Johnson

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh

I made a bad choice, after the first 30 minutes I still sat to see how it will end. Ironically the movie itself is about bad choices, the ones made by the cast and probably the producers.

The lead character’s (The Rock) son made a bad choice of having a friend send drugs to his house. He knew it was drugs but for the sake of friendship he received it and got busted. The friend had set him up even though the friend knew he knew nothing about the drug distribution but the friend needed to take someone down with him to shorten his jail sentence.

Whenever you think about snitches you think about low lives who rather take the easy road of snitching on their friends instead of them going down alone with the ship. But here the snitch is actually our hero The Rock who wanted to infiltrate a drug ring so as to burst them, and in turn the DEA will reduce the jail sentence of his son, who refused to do the same thing his friend did to him, which is to call another friend up and set him up for a fall so that he can shorten his jail time.

The makers took the movie a little too far from my own perspective, there was a time when a big man like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) was biting up by some guys, in a way that I found too easy to swallow. Hey! it is The Rock, and he hardly threw a punch.

Then there is the whole action and acting which to me could have been better, as the movie didn’t pull me in totally to believe that all this was true although in the opening credit it is written that the movie events are based on a true life happening.

Snitch will do great for fans of the Rock because all you have to do is just sit and watch him get down to business in this crime action flick, but for someone like me who like to have a good reason for everything, well I felt the reason behind making this film is not solid enough for them to have gone ahead to do it, because somehow this movie just falls below the usual standard for you to enjoy it, and this is because of the screenplay and script.

In my conclusion I know this movie is going to be a commercial success though, due to the moderate budget of 15 million, and looking at the box office rise in its viewership, this is going to be a box office success.


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