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Shanghai Noon (2000)

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Shanghai Noon (2000)


Jackie Chan
Owen Wilson
Lucy Liu

Directed by Tom Dey

Shanghai Noon is one soft comedy that I just found myself loving, the movie pulls out a very nice romantic soft comedy that you will just go crazy for. Shanghai Noon has a nice pairing maybe the pairing is not as great as the one in Rush Hour but Owen Wilson style of comedy is one that I have come to love and appreciate.

Owen Wilson’s style is a laid back demeanor, and that of Jackie is one of comic martial art and scenes the mix is just unique. The movie can be seen to be of a form of a buddy cop genre.

The movie paid homage to some nice western classics, like High Noon and Jackie Chan’s character is named Chon Wang meant to sound like John Wayne. Also to love in the movie is the unusual suspense, the movie possess its own way of thrill, which include leaving you the viewer to really think:
One of the things that I liked and is part of the suspense is the idea that Owen’s Character Roy is the worse gunslinger around (this guy can’t shoot straight to save his life), and somehow he has managed to survive in the west and even be the leader of an armed robbery gang.
The second thing that got me thinking is also about the Roy character that was buried to his neck in the desert and somehow managed to get out from there and get to the nearest town before Jackie who was going on foot and a horse. Although when asked how he did it, he claimed to have dug himself out with chopsticks.

The movie plot crosses across two regions, China and the US, in China Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) is an imperial guard and he has his eyes for the princess Pei-Pei (Lucy Liu), who got abducted and taken to America.
Wang’s affection for the princess made him join the Imperial Guards sent to bring back Pei-Pei, a ransom in gold was also sent by the king to Pei-Pei’s captive. When in America in the west the train that they were in gets robbed and by Roy (Owen Wilson) and his crew and that is how Wang and Roy met.

The two later joined together in an attempt to rescue the princess from her captive.

The combination of the two was well received by many critics, which led to the movie having a huge sale in DVD’s, and the movie itself was also a box office success.


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