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The Call (2013)

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The Call (2013)


Halle Berry
Abigail Breslin
Morris Chestnut
Michael Eklund

Directed by Brad Anderson

At first The Call seems to be out of place and doesn’t seem to find a link between what you are being shown and what you are to enjoy, then “The Call” comes in and the movie starts, this movie thriller starts to become thrilling especially when the heroine ends up answering the call of the kidnapper the second time.

The movie then moves into a chase to save the girl, a chase that is very thrilling and keeps you at the edge of your sit as you start to wonder how it will all go, this whole excitement meets an anticlimax the moment Halle Berry our protagonist decides to take matters into her own hands. From here the movie starts to look stupid and seemed like a desperate need to make her look more like a true heroine by letting her be the one to take out the bad guy, something that the police should have done.

This almost creepy, almost gruesome 2013 movie features Halle Berry as a 911 operator named Jordan, who attended to a 911 call from a girl who was about to be kidnapped. Jordan out of panic called the girl back after the phone disconnected making it easier for the kidnapper/killer to find the victim easily. This is because the killer was unable to find his victim and he was about to leave thinking she had fled out the window when the call came in exposing where she was hiding.

Seeing her predicament Jordan left the 911 operator sit to be an operator trainer, but lightning struck twice. While coaching, a 911 call about a kidnapping came in and she was around and the new recruit didn’t know what to do, so Jordan took over and a chase to find the kidnapper and the kidnapped started.

Brad Anderson started well with this flick but just crashed it at the end, after waiting almost half an hour for the movie to start rolling in the punches I felt horrible when I realized that the last 20 – 30 minutes was just a waste.

That as it may, has not been a hindrance to the financial success of this film in the box office. Originally conceptualized as a TV series this movie is far from perfect and the last minutes of the film marred the whole build up to it.

I won’t be recommending this movie to my friends and I won’t recommend it to you too.


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