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Rocky II (1979)

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Rocky II (1979)


Sylvester Stallone
Talia Shire
Carl Weathers
Burgess Meredith

Directed by Sylvester Stallone

Rocky II was done 3 years after the first, and even though it is nowhere as great as the first but it will fly as a good movie. It focuses more on the problem of being an illiterate and Rocky who doesn’t want to fight no more, is finding it difficult to get by.

Rocky (1976)transcend into this movie, this second part Rocky II, shows how Apollo deals with the fact that he almost got beaten by an underdog, and Rocky has to deal with the fact that he just got married to the woman of his dreams.

Rocky now fulfilled, as he has the woman of his dreams with him, he just went toe to toe with the world heavy weight champion and the champion just manages to get away, he feels on top of the world feeling nothing can go wrong.

As an illiterate Rocky went into a spending spree, which got him into a financial turmoil, that found him move fast from riches back to the rag.

The main lack in this movie that doesn’t make it stand toe to toe with the first is basically the lack of juice to fill in the gap between his fall and his rise back to fame. It went down fast and it just kept going sad and sadder. The height of the movie for me is the commitment of Rocky to be a man and take care of his home, and how he tried so hard to keep up a cheerful outlook no matter what when he is with Adrian, but things change when Apollo went after Rocky with all form of humiliation just to get him to want to fight again.

The movie is directed by Stallone himself, it was also well received by critics holding a 71% approval rating compared to the 91% of the first movie. The movie cost more to make this time, costing 7 million dollars and making 200 million in the box office.

We also get to see, Rocky’s title run to Philadelphia Museum, this time the producers were able to get about 800 school children to be extras in the film. Rocky II is a movie you have to see, after you have seen the first there is no way you will not itch to see the follow up.
No matter what many has to say this movie is one you should own, the acting is grand and the fight between Apollo (Carl Weathers) and Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is better coordinated (although it may not carry the same emotional fun the first had).


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