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Old Yeller (1957)

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Old Yeller (1957)


Dorothy McGuire
Fess Parker
Kevin Corcoran
Tommy Kirk

Directed by Robert Stevenson

Old Yeller is a culture icon, a movie that has stood long and I believe plans to stay that long, as long as no one tries to remake it.
Based on a Fred Gipson’s 1956 children book of the same name, Old Yeller is about a man’s best friend, a dog who was ready to do anything to protect his human family.

The movie is somewhat an icon, it has found its way into the homes of many, even those who haven’t seen the movie have heard about it, thanks to references in the ever popular F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series, where Phoebe didn’t know that Yeller died in the end (Sorry, Spoiler for all of you who haven’t seen the movie yet) or it’s reference in Justice League as Green Lantern/John Stewart's favorite movie.

The movie features a good cast from the kids to the grown-ups everyone was just perfect; then I have to give Disney a good pat on the back for the dog training. It was just wonderful to see the dog’s reactions and his behaviors showed that time went into the training of the dog.

Even the child actor who played Arliss was good, he was impressive in his portrayal and I ended up loving him as his pocket never seemed to lack anything but fun.

Yeller was a stray dog that happened to come into the life of the Coates family when their father, went out to search for work.

His coming was welcomed by the youngest of the Coates, Arliss who always wanted a dog, but the eldest Travis was not so happy to have this new inclusion into the family and was ready to do anything to get Yeller out of the house. Travis changed his mind when one day he was in trouble and there was nobody around but Old Yeller to jump in and save him. (I’m purposely leaving out enough details so that you can enjoy the movie if you have not seen it yet)

Walt Disney himself was the producer of this family hit, and it was well received by all who has seen it, the movie can be said to stand as one of the best films about a boy and his dog, although Walt Disney (the company) has tried many other dog and boy movies like Homeward Bound or Savage Sam, but none comes close to the kind of dramatic, adventure fun that Old Yeller delivers.

The movie was well received as said and it brought in cash for Disney, so much so that the movie has been re-released, you will always find the DVD of Old Yeller available anywhere, so if like me you waited this long to see it, then maybe you should not wait any longer.


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