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Rumble is the Bronx (1995)

Rumble is the Bronx (1995)


Jackie Chan
Anita Mui

Directed by Stanley Tong

Rumble is the Bronx is so action packed it blows your mind. The story needed some work, but other than that the movie itself is fun. The action and the fight scenes with the comedic tone of Jackie Chan’s charm is what makes this one of the top Jackie Chan movies to see.
This movie is a full action film, with a slight taste of comedy which shows up mostly in the fight scenes.

Rumble in the Bronx starts with Chan’s character Keung coming to the United States to attend his uncle's wedding. His Uncle lives in the Bronx and owns a supermarket there too, he is planning on leaving the bronx with his new wife and selling it to a new owner Elaine (Anita Mui).

Unknown to Elaine at that time, the supermarket is a well known place which some biker gangs vandalize frequently. Before long Keung is involved in a problem too large for him to handle and drags Elaine into it too. He defends the store from being robbed by the gang and then becomes their number one enemy.
His problem gets complicated when he meets his uncle's neighbor, a lady who cares for her crippled brother.
She is not just anybody and Keung's involvement with her and his uncle supermarket makes everything worse and Keung's life was in serious danger.

The movie moves at a pace of where a lot of things keep happening to Keung from the moment he defended the supermarket from being robbed.

This is the third and last collaboration between Chan and the late Anita Mui. The first and second being Miracles (1989) and The Legend of Drunken Master (1994).

The movie has a lot of injury tales that follow it, this is the movie to which Jackie Chan gets his leg injured in a jump.
When watching this movie allow yourself to be entertained. Do not think too much of the story just enjoy the comedic action scenes and stunts that made this movie very memorable.

In the end, watching this movie again brings back good memories of when I was younger. Then my Sister and I were just looking forward to the next Jackie Chan movie, every year in the 90s.

Watching it now I can see that the acting in this movie by some of the actors needed work. The stunts though are well timed and memorable.
I for one feel Jackie Chan has more grace working outside of the United States, but he did a great job here and I do not see why anyone should not get to watch this movie once again.


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