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The Wrong Missy (2020)

The Wrong Missy (2020)


David Spade
Lauren Lapkus
Sarah Chalke
Molly Sims

Directed by Tyler Spindel

Cheesy, predictable and an anticlimax of what looked like a good idea from the start.

The Wrong Missy starts off crazy interesting, I was actually captivated and curios to see what will happen next. When those things happened, the movie moved from crazy interesting to bizarre boredom. There were times I felt I was being tortured.
Adam Sandler’s contract with Netflix to make movies for them has only delivered one good movie that I have seen, which was Murder Mystery (2019) everything else (and this movie is no exception) has been nonsense.

It was like the writers and producers ran out of steam. The movie felt like something that should just have been thirty minutes long. Having to sit through ninety minutes of crazy gets old quick. Then the script when all over the place, the wrong Missy was now not just crazy and out there, she was also unreasonable and stupid. Which the movie passed along as she trying to help Tim bond with her boss.

The movie starts with a blind date. Tim (David Spade) is meeting Melissa/Missy (Lauren Lapkus) on a blind date and Missy played a nasty joke on him on their first date. The date did not get any better, because Missy was all over the place. She was loud, forward and way too clingy. She does not understand the need for personal space and TMI is lost on her.

After the first date he decided not to see her again, on his way to the airport he bumps into another lady named Melissa. She is gorgeous a model and everything that is missing in his life. They exchange numbers and Tim starts messaging her. You can guess from here he is messaging the wrong Melissa, when he invites her to a trip an office retreat, he finds he has been talking to the wrong Melissa. Now he has to spend the whole trip with the wrong Melissa, and she is not office material.

The movies final quarter was so disappointing. It was like the writers were not trying anymore. They just took everything from every romantic movie and stuffed it in. They did not leave any stolen idea unused, they made sure they used it all, which made the final quarter feel like you are missing a huge chunk of the movie. And that is because some things did not add up and the director did not care.

This Covid-19 lockdown has made us vulnerable to watch anything, but I will advise anyone to go watch a rerun of their favorite show or movie than seeing this.


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